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Latest news

Regarding initiation of criminal proceedings

On 17 October 2018, DP initiated criminal proceedings in relation to activities drawn against the Republic of Latvia which are possibly done with the aim to assist a foreign country to draw against national security of Latvia. The subject of the criminal proceedings is criminal activity stipulated in Section 80 Article 2 (for the activities aimed against national independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity, State power or administrative order of the Republic of Latvia in a manner that is not provided in the Constitution), if they have been committed by an organised group) and Section 81¹ (for committing activities with the purpose to assist a foreign state or a foreign organisation to take action against national independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity, State power, administrative order or national security of the Republic of Latvia). In relation to the initiated criminal proceedings, on 23 November 2018 three persons were detained and authorized search has been conducted in the objects which are linked to the detained persons The persons have been granted the status of a suspect and the detention order not related to deprivation of freedom has been given. Taking into account that the investigation is on-going, DP refrains from any comments regarding the course of the investigation. DP reminds that no person shall be considered guilty until the guilt of such person has been determined in accordance with the procedures laid down in the respective Law. Information prepared by DP

About 13th Latvian Parliamentary elections

DP has summarized the obtained information in connection with the 13th Latvian Parliamentary (Saeima) elections which includes the information obtained before the elections and during the election day. In total DP received 84 signals regarding possible infringements connected with the course of the elections and unlawful influencing of the voters. DP has also received one report about possible breach of elections process. No criminal proceedings have been initiated up till now. The previously received signals about unlawful influencing of the voters have been verified and the information has proven not to be true. Likewise no constituent elements of criminal offences within the election process were recognized. The Central Election Commission and the electoral commissions were informed about the detected deficiencies. Thanks to the attention of the citizens and the activities of DP some possible deficiencies in the election process were prevented. Some cases are still being verified. As usual, also after the elections DP is still receiving information which has to be verified. In comparison with the previous elections, the amount of the information received regarding possible infringements in the election process was higher. DP received 28 signals about possible influencing of the voters, including possible buying of votes, whereas 2 signals were received about possible falsification of the election results. 54 signals were received about possible infringements in the election process. DP is grateful to the citizens for showing their civic initiative by informing DP about the possible infringements in the election process. DP

13th Saeima elections

One of DP’s priorities is to ensure the application of common principles on running of elections stipulated in the Constitution and other legal acts. Having assessed the experience of previous elections DP has already initiated intense work in order to duly identify and prevent possible risks to the free and democratic conduct of elections. The competence of DP as counterintelligence and domestic intelligence service implies the identification and prevention of risks emerging from both foreign countries and domestic developments towards the free and democratic conduct of elections. Currently DP has not obtained any information about direct and systematic attempts of foreign countries to influence the conduct of 13th Saeima elections. Nevertheless DP has already obtained information regarding possible unlawful restriction on person to freely exercise one’s rights to elect deputies or prepare for such activities. DP is verifying this information within its scope of competence. DP stresses that criminal liability is provided for deliberate unlawful restriction on person to freely exercise one’s rights to elect deputies or to be elected. The actions are considered unlawful if the restriction to freely exercise one’s rights to vote have been implemented by violence, fraud, threats, bribery or by any other unlawful means. The Criminal Law also provides sanctions for deliberately incorrect counting of votes as well as for deliberate breach of secret ballot, committed by the state official or member of the election committee. Should any Latvian resident be offered financial or other tangible or intangible gains for one’s vote or should the free choice be affected in any other way, DP calls upon all public to inform DP of such cases by phone 67208964 or by e-mail on a 24-hour/7-day basis. DP also calls upon public to inform about cases when there are suspicions about possible unlawful activities of an election committee member, e.g., deliberately incorrect vote counting in favour of a political party or candidate. DP calls upon public who hold such information to register the details of breaches with maximums precision by using photo, video or audio recording to the possible extent. The confidentiality of the information source is guaranteed. The control over the pre-election agitation and placement of agitation materials is conducted by the State Police and Municipal Police. Therefore should anyone obtain the information about leaflets being distributed on the Election Day, pre-election advertising which is not duly removed or any agitation of voters at the pooling stations, DP calls upon public to inform the State Police by phone 110 or the respective Municipal Police. DP reminds that the pre-election agitation is forbidden not only on the Election Day, but also the day before. Should anyone obtain the information about the breaches of financing the pre-election agitation and covert pre-election agitation, DP calls upon public to inform the Corruption Prevention and Combatting Bureau by phone 80002070 or 67356161, or on the mobile application Ziņo KNAB. Information prepared by DP.




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