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Contact information

Postal address:

Latvian Security Police
99a Kr. Barona str.
Riga, Latvia, LV-1012


24 h contact: +371 67208964
Fax: +371 67273373


Inter-institutional correspondence: 

Providing information:

In case you possess information that might be useful for the work of DP, please contact DP 24/7 by the phone +371 67208964. DP guarantees the confidentiality of the information and its source.

Visiting hours and procedure of reception

The DP Headquarters are opened for visitors every working day from 8.00 until 16.30, after a prior announcement and coordination of the visit.

When visiting DP Headquarters, the visitor is obliged to inform about the purpose of the visit as well as to ensure that the identification document is present (either passport or ID card) which will be requested to be shown before entering the DP premises.

It is forbidden to carry into the DP premises neither mobile phones nor other audio communication equipment and data carriers which might be used for recording, storing, transmitting or receiving information (hereinafter – devices). It is not allowed to carry into the DP premises any objects or substances that might be used as attack weapons and might endanger person’s life, health or property.

After a DP officer’s request, the visitor shall undergo a special security check. During the check, DP officer examines the visitor, the devices taken along, weapons and objects as well as carries out examination by using technical equipment and makes sure that the visitor has followed the requirements applicable to the visitors of DP.

The equipment and other objects carried with the visitor will be securely stored in a special locker during the visit.

During the visit at DP’s premises, the visitor will be requested to follow special security measures and to act upon the instructions of DP officers.

In case the DP visitor rejects to follow the applicable requirements, it is forbidden to enter the DP premises or he/she is being asked to leave them.